VPS Server Hosting

When a business is at starting stage, it is recommended to a have a website hosting package. When marketing department is not sure about the upcoming traffic on the website, these packages handles the pressure. Our world class VPS Hosting can be a great benefit for your business. It is also helpful when the sales and procurement department is predicting amount of orders it may receive.

Our VPS Hosting comes with great flexibility. They are cost effective to your business. They come with powerful features which can be surely being helpful.

In case you receive a sudden traffic, then you can use our on-demand services where all the resources would be added on your servers. These servers will help you to manage the traffic optimally.

We offer VPS Hosting in India for all Small and Medium enterprises. In fact large corporations who are searching for flexible and dependable web hosting services at affordable prices can contact us.

We provide 99.95% uptime guarantee and 24*7 technical supports. We are available 365 days a year. Our website hosting will surely surprise you with its powerful performance.

Virtual Server Hosting is maintained to target your important needs. With virtual server you have total access and control in our data center. We provide you with a range of virtual hosting packages depending upon your needs. 1 and 1 offers four independent virtual server bundles with different levels of CPU, RAM and HDD. They all are available with unlimited traffic.

We have a wide variety of virtual packages. We can guide the best package that suits your requirements. The wide range starts from cheap bundles all the way to premium packages. These packages contain 6 CPU v cores, 6 GB of RAM and 400 GB of HDD. You can choose a top of the range or a starter cheap VPS package. We give you option to switch at any time. In order to receive any kind of information you can simply contact our 24*7 support team by phone or email.

You can check the status of your VPS servers whenever you want to. You might check the status with the 1 and 1 server monitoring app or through an internet browser. These servers are compatible with both Linux and Windows operating system. You can install any program and take complete control of admin.

We guarantee you to provide highest performance and greatest data security. While using multi-core processors and RAID protected hard drives, you can count on rapid data transmission with our VPS hosting. There won’t be any problems over capacity of data storage limits. VPS hosting comes with up to 12 GB of RAM and 400 GB of disk space. It gives you a huge size for a variety of different applications.

By sharing an individual system, all VPS servers have maximum performance. This helps to boost your website as idle resources become available during peak load times. VPS hosting is connected to brand new state of the Art processors. Our customers can enjoy stability and fast services with high performance elements.

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