Tableless Website Design

Tableless Layout Design and Development is a method of web designing and development. It is done without using HTML tables for page layout. Instead of HTML tables, languages such as CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are used to allocate elements and text present on a web page. CSS was introduced to improve web accessibility.

Due to rapid growth of internet, increase in use of mobile phones and PDAs, it is important to make a huge variety of devices. Tableless Layout design and development improves web accessibility.

Maintenance of a website is very important. It may deal with frequent changes. As the layout information is centralized, developmental change can be made quickly and globally. Because the layout information is saved to the HTML externally, it is very easy to add new content in a tableless design.

Therefore, Tableless Layout design and development improves flexibility in modern web designing.

CSS means Cascading Style Sheets. CSS was introduced in the year 1996 by the World Wide Web Consortium. It was introduced with the purpose of separating presentations from the content of the web page. Another important reason of introducing CSS is to increase web accessibility.

CSS has become an important tool for modern web designing. Since CSS is a separate file from a HTML web page, it is often called the external style sheets. The CSS helps the HTML page to style the content of a website. With the advancement in technology, a new process is followed for designing website. This kind of website is known as Tableless CSS Based Website.

The tables design does not work without CSS. The use of tableless design is dictated by the current W3C standards. If your website is Tableless CSS Based Website then your site will be compatible with any browser.

It is easy to make global changes to the layout of the website by using CSS. In Tableless CSS Based Website special needs of people are fulfilled. Unnecessary code is vanished with the use of XHTML and CSS. It makes webpage content sleeker and more manageable. Now a day’s CSS website designs is more preffered for search engine to find a website.

DIV Based Website contains division tags which are block level elements that are visible as rectangular block of a particular height and width on a web page.

DIV band designs are used to separate the content of the web page and then blocks which are divided can be applied with individual formatting. DIV based designs are tableless. We all know that tableless coding is a webpage layout control procedure which is operated without the HTML tables. The use of DIV based web page has increased recently because search engines choose W3C compatible website and users opt for fast loading websites. That‘s the main reason why websites having tempting designs and traditional coding fails to impress the search engines and users. DIV based website are easily accessible to all kinds of web browser. These websites are easy to surf.

In fact, DIV based website are search engine friendly. They are technically simple and stronger. DIV based designs are easy to manage and save band width. The content in DIV based layout is separated neatly.

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