Keyword Research

Keywords exactly show how the popular search engines see your website and secondly it shows how well your website ranks. It also analyze how much traffic your site bring in. It is primary foundation to any popular website. If you think of using some free keywords tools, you might end up spending hundreds of dollars and hours. You can ask any professional SEO department personnel; you can’t choose cheap and free stuff in case of keyword analysis. You might be thinking how do you analyze what are the perfect keywords to use? Answer to your problem is the highest search volumes generally have huge competition. The lowest competitive keywords have the least search volume. You can simply outsource your keyword research to professionals like us. We will surely work for you in finding, analyzing, determining and presenting best keywords for your website. You can handle keyword research to us and free yourself to focus more on your business and customers.

Keyword research is basically procedure of finding which keyword phase’s public are using to search for the service or product you are offering. This process also includes finding which keywords are most suitable with your website. There is a huge difference between optimizing a website for keywords that are presently binging traffic to your website and optimizing for keywords that are most relevant to your website. The procedure of keyword analyze is quite complex. It requires multiple tools in order to provide quality keyword data and phase depending upon their popularity. Analyzing keyword research should be the primary element for anyone who is interested in SEO for their website. There are no guarantees that we will conduct effective keyword research. You must be wondering what we will do? Our first step includes analyzing the theme and growth of customer’s business. We start with reviewing customer’s existing website to understand better the customer’s services and product. Secondly, we start with discovering new keywords. We come up with new keywords based on synonyms, related terms and phrases. Next step is evaluating the list of popular keywords. Using SEO tools and related data, we come across the strength of the popular keywords. Lastly, we prepare a final list of the keywords. We sort out the list of keywords based on their relevance, customer’s specifications and important data which is relating to these words.

At the end of this procedure we will provide you with a detailed report which includes summary of our research and our suggestions for keyword phrases. Our suggestions can help you to optimize your website for analyzing data and supporting data.

With our SEO keyword research services, we can help you by identifying the correct keywords for your business. We can send more traffic to your website which can result in higher sales.

Why Choose Us:

With our keyword research service, we try to look at all suitable keywords in your industry to analyze those terms that will surely provide high traffic in line. With our keyword services your campaign can be put on the verge of success. We keep your business goals and budget in mind while suggesting perfect keywords for a campaign that can help you to reach heights throughout your online marketing strategies.

Why our clients love us:

"Keyword research reports from ESolutionPlanet Labs are an indispensable tool for any SEO firm. The client benefits from the depth of research and thoroughness -- and the efficiencies of the outsourced solution help keep costs down. Thanks a ton!"

- MKenneth Feick

"ESolutionPlanet is simply the best. Their fast, efficient and comprehensive reporting not only saves me spending hours on research, but significantly reduces my clients' costs. With ESolutionPlanet everyone wins. I am damn happy."

- Michael Clonts

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