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ESolutionPlanet offer Email Marketing Services for beginners, IT professionals and highly developed marketers. We offer maximum deliverability and provide campaign effectiveness. We offer professional edition in which we provide marketers with email list marketing, deliverability dashboard, SSL support, mail streams segmentation, multi- vendor web analyze, a heat map that shows most popular links like click streams, refer a friend and forward tracking. In enterprise edition you can enjoy email list management software which offers highly advanced email marketers each and everything included in professional edition. It also includes transactional mail, up to ten sites, granular permissions, clustered configurations and email sending speeds up to million per hour. In enterprise edition we also offer capabilities for developed email list marketing like sending transactional messages via API from any system, developing frequency limits in order to protect list fatigue running multiple servers and more.

If you have highly advanced email sending needs, then you should opt for our platinum edition. This edition will provide an enterprise grade, cross channel campaign platform that provide incredible power in your hand to optimize successful cross channel campaigns. It helps to drive off a real time data. We have also added email workflow wizard that teach you through each step as you create targets, templates, lists and mails.

All the size and type of industries use email campaign and email marketing in order to drive client’s attention. We offer beneficial solutions to design, track, sending and measure the success of your email sending services. We provide options like free HTML email newsletter templates; email split testing, content blocs, web analytics integration, unlimited image hosting, dynamic segments and database integration. We also furnish white list monitoring which is an email marketing system that you and IT staff will surely accept.

We provide reliable services for any length of lists i.e you can send personalized targeted messages to millions of addresses in one click. Message speed will be up to 900k emails per hour. You can check delivery, open rates, bounces, unsubscribe, and click through and more by the report dashboards. You can increase your email marketing performance with the power to deliver millions highly personalized messages in minutes with our high speed sending services. We provide Email Advisor in order to help in maximizing inbox deliverability and response rates. We also amalgamate with fresh address so that we can provide list auditing and list hygiene services to help you to tie campaigns to your sales activities.

Why Choose Us:

ESolutionPlanet promises you to improve your email campaign process with on demand data analysis and time market intelligence which is delivered to your inbox. You can achieve high engagement of your clients by using one of our email marketing platforms. By franchise email marketing you can market your products and services with the help of franchises and local branches. You can maintain a complete control over your every element of your branding. ESolutionPlanet offers complete industry solution in order to solve your email campaign problems.

Why our clients love us:

"These people exceeded my expectations with the design and development of our website. The folks at ESolutionPlanet truly are experts in there industry and are very easy to work with! I would recommend them to any business looking to develop a new online presence."

- Martina Cole

"They understand how to put a web site together and know how to leverage email marking practices to drive traffic and bring in new customers. In addition they are great to work with. We highly recommend them for any business looking for an edge to bring in new customers online."

- Ann-Marie MacDonald

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