Website Maintenance

Dedicated attention to the maintenance of your website is needed to ensure your business makes the most of your web presence. The content featured on your site needs to be up-to-date with the latest developments in your business, and for this you need to ensure you choose the right website maintenance service.

The importance of a website maintenance service:

  • Website maintenance and regular updating ensures that as your business grows, it appears in all relevant searches. This helps increase visitor traffic and your exposure to your target audience. It also ensures your website remains fresh and engaging to frequent visitors.
  • Outdated or expired links create a bad impression. If a potential client exploring your site comes across a dead link, it does not reflect positively on the interest expressed by you in the website’s maintenance. Needless to say, first impressions are mostly irreversible, and a bad first impression is bad for business.
  • Website maintenance is essential to keep your online presence up to date with the growth of your business. For instance, if your business has expanded into a new industry, or upgraded its entire operational infrastructure, or perhaps reworked its pricing strategies to be more accessible to your clients, your website should reflect the same. It is important for your clients, both existing and potential, to be updated about the growth of your business in real-time.

We have various website maintenance plans based on the nature of your business and the level of support required to ensure the optimal functionality of your website. Based on your needs, you could choose from an hourly, weekly, or monthly plan. Our website maintenance services also include the upkeep of a backup facility, for the unprecedented event of a website crash or a virus

Types of sites maintained by our website maintenance company:

  • PHP based websites
  • based websites
  • Flash based websites
  • Drupal based websites
  • Joomla based websites
  • WordPress based websites
  • vBulletin based websites
  • Magento based website (Shopping website, eCommerce websites)
  • SEO based websites
  • Web server management

The world of ecommerce is fast-evolving and incessantly changing. Magento is one such platform that requires expert caretaking to optimize its resourcefulness. If managed well, it can be one of the best assets for shopping cart software based businesses. Magento based website maintenance is one of our key areas of operation.

Another content management framework that is a top contender is Joomla. It has been downloaded over 50million times, and is estimated to be the second most used content management system on the internet after WordPress. Joomla based website maintenance is an area we excel in.

Drupal, WordPress, and vBulletin are similar content managed systems that with the right website maintenance service by your side, can prove to be greatly beneficial for your business. We have dedicated experts for each of these platforms to ensure efficient service.

We understand your business must keep you terribly occupied. The added task of ensuring website maintenance may prove challenging in the long run, and this would inevitably be less than prudent for your enterprise. Once you entrust us with the task of maintaining your website, we assume the responsibility of keeping it up to date with minimal involvement from you.

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