CCAvenue Payment Gateway

CCAvenue Payment Gateway makes better business sense as your preferred payment gateway. CCAvenue is excepting all major international and Indian Credit Cards, Debit Card, Indian Customers can also pay the amount through their Indian Bank Accounts. User can pay the amount through Mobile Payment Option. It's work with any shopping cart.

CCAvenue Payment Gateway provide a high level security for any transaction . CCAvenue Payment Gateway of India is directly integrated with online net banking facilities of various banks of India, it allowing you to pay for your goods and services directly through their personal bank accounts. CCAvenue provide high secure mobile payment option for users who do not want to use their credit cards or debit cards online. It also provide Cash Card option for the many Indian consumers who do not own have a Credit Card nor are comfortable with the Net Banking facility offered by the banks.

Particulars Other Payment Gateways Amount in hand after deductions(in Rs.) CCAvenue Amount in hand after deductions(in Rs.)
Sales Commission Fees 5% 2,40,000 3% * 2,72,000
Setup fee Rs 75,000 1,65,000 Privilege Scheme*** Rs. 40,000 (one-time fee) 2,32,000
Security deposits Rs 50,000 (min) 1,15,000 - 2,32,000
Gateway rent(Annual) 90,000 (annualized) 25,000 Privilege Scheme*** Rs. 3,600 2,28,400
Annual cost of the 128-bit Verisign SSL certificate Rs 42,000 17,000 The site has its own Verisign certificate, you can assess your own needs#  
Other miscellaneous expenses        
Final Tally on your profits -- 17000 -- 2,28,400**

Note:- This information is updateted till 30-March-2012.

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