Pay Per Click Campaign

Pay per click (PPC) is a kind of marketing process which is held online. Here the marketer issues a text adverts along with relevant search solutions. The placement of the adverts is determined on the basis of a bidding system. In this process the highest bidder gets the topmost position. The marketer has to pay for the adverts when the client clicks on the link to visit the site (adverts site). ESolutionPlanet offers holistic online marketing solutions. The biggest benefit of using ESolutionPlanet’s PCC Campaign and PPC marketing services is that your campaign is goaled directly to customer who has seen some interest in your service or product. You just have to pay once a potential client actually analyzes your website via seeing the PPC Campaign adverts. We offer you full control of your campaign and if you wish to make any changes to advert, it is applied immediately. A PCC Campaign is an intelligent idea to natural search efforts. It means where your website is visible in the search solutions because of its relevance to the search team. It is really an effective way to fulfill your marketing goal. PCC is all about offering your services or product when a client is looking for it.

There are many beneficial components to a successful pay per click campaign like keyword research, ad groups creation, keyword grouping and organization and management. If you use traditional methods each component will involve more time to fully execute. Whereas any search marketer can do your job more effectively and this is why pay per click campaign are basically approached today. If you are manually managing each step in PCC procedure, then you are disallowing your company from enjoying the major benefits that pay per click campaigns can actually offer. Too much time is spent on interactive tasks, finding a complete detailed list of effective keywords and approaching them logically when it comes to create PCC adverts. This results in money wastage, undiscovered keyword opportunities, and lastly less qualified clients doing business at your website.

As a search marketer “keyword taxonomy” is your most valuable asset. Effective keyword research always goes beyond expectations. It actually covers knowing your clients, searching out what they are searching for and changing terms into strategically organized keyword groups and ad groups for your pay per click campaign. ESolutionPlanet brings you the right keywords by utilizing your actual site data to create your keyword list. You no longer have to look data in spreadsheets and put efforts to redefine and grow your keyword list on a regular basis by yourself. As a result you can feel comfortable about picking the most effective keywords for your money and time.

Why Choose Us:

With a splash of fresh approach to keywords research and PCC campaign, ESolutionPlanet can change it all. We can help to reduce the burden of PCC campaign by using your site’s data to analyze what exact terms apply to your website, then sorting and organizing them is also our work.

Why our clients love us:

"I have been using ESolutionPlanet for over a year now for their web design and development resources. Their team has been extremely easy to work with and has always remained committed to getting the work done on time and on budget."

- Martina Cole

"Our collaboration with ESolutionPlanet has been nothing short of extraordinary. Their ability to take our idea and create a full-fledged, fully functional web application and store front for our product is unsurpassed. Plus their attention to detail and a complete knowledge of the latest web trends is amazing."

- Ann-Marie MacDonald

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