CCNow Payment Gateway

CCNow is a Payment Gateway used to shopping online and selling online. CCNow offers online payment system, customer service and more

For thousands of suppliers is available on the Internet for CCNow retails products. When you shop with CCNow, you actually view products on the suppliers website, you are prepared to make a purchase. You are seamlessly connected to CCNow's online transaction system to complete your order. For your convenience, CCNow accept credit card and PayPal payments. CCNow never shares the credit card information with suppliers. Online credit card processing may be risky. Since CCNow is an online vendor, consumer credit card information remains on CCNow's secure online payment system. That means you are completely secure from identity theft risk. You don't require to buy a secure socket layer (SSL) license.

CCNow have helped thousands of clients sell, purchace online, from start-ups to established businesses. If you have or are building an online storefront and are ready to accept payments online. CCNow takes care of payment processing by utilizing our retail service, allowing you to focus on rising your business.

Monthly fee plan:

One-time new account sign up: $9.95
If Gross Sales for month are $100.01 or more: $0.00
If Gross Sales for month are $0.00 - $100.00: $9.95

One-time signup fee plan:

One-time signup fee: $39.95
If Gross Sales for month are $100.01 or more: $0.00
If Gross Sales for month are $0.00 - $100.00: $0.00


Payment Rates: (per payment)

ACH Direct Deposit to U.S. Checking Account: $0.00
International Wire Transfer: $15.00
Mailed Check: $5.00

Note:- This information is updateted till 30-March-2012.

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