SolidTrust Pay Payment Gateway

SolidTrust Pay is a Payment Gateway. It works under a secure login password system. The person who having account in SolidTrust Pay can send or receive funds to anyone over the world, Sending money to others person is free and the receiver will only pay a small service amount for receiving the required transferred money.

In SolidTrust Pay there is no minimum balance is required to open an account. SolidTrust Pay is completely free to open and you can withdraw from SolidTrustPay account at any time. It is very flexible Payment Gateway.

SolidTrust Pay is very flexible online Payment Gateway. It is provide multiple account funding options including direct bank account, debit card, master card, bank wire, credit card, visa card, money order and certified cheque.

SolidTrust Pay will support all type of businesses such as Network Marketing or MLM business. SolidTrust Pay has keeping a record of your IP address, phone number and mailing address for contact purpose. SolidTrust Pay will never ask for any passwords. So kindly do not share your any passwords with anybody. SolidTrust Pay will not be responsible for any lessens with his account to misuse their passwords.

SolidTrust Pay Fees

Account Opening


Monthly Account Maintenance


Send Money to another STPay Member or Merchant


Receive Money from another STPay Member or Merchant

PERSONAL ACCOUNT: 1.5% plus $0.25 USD per transaction
BUSINESS ACCOUNT: 2% plus $0.35 USD per transaction
CORPORATE ACCOUNT: 3.5% plus $0.50 USD per transaction

Note:- This information is updateted till 30-March-2012.

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