Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the process of analyzing the content displayed on your site and modifying it to enhance search engine discoverability. A search engine reads, processes and indexes (or catalogs) web pages based on relevance of keywords among other things. In the recent past, with the exponential increase in the number of businesses developing a web presence and online means of marketing and accessibility, the need for the process of search engine optimization has become vital for any business looking for online expansion. With the manifold increase in the general amount and kind of content available online, there is in today’s date, much duplicate content available on the internet. This, paired with poorly composed content creates massive volumes of data for a search engine to sift through. Obviously, all of this data is not comprehensible or dismissible for the search engines. As a result, the search engine is often unable to index the sites that are in fact relevant. Now, if this site which fails to be indexed by the dominant search engines happens to be that of your business, it costs you dearly. Failure to be indexed means your site is not showing up in any search results on any of the leading search engines, however relevant it may be to the conducted search. This directly translates to lack of exposure to your target audience. This, in turn, results in a wasted web presence that isn’t free.

Our search engine optimization experts are savvy with the latest search engine placement techniques, which include both on page and off page factors. Our aim is to make sure anyone looking for your business finds it with ease.

The Process of Search Engine Optimization:

Keyword Identification and Placement:

The keyword may very well be one of the most crucial elements in deciding the success or failure of a business. The keyword is what decides your target audience, and ensures it sees you when it is looking for you. There are several ways to expound the virtues of the keyword, and our in-house internet marketing consultants have tried and tested processes that are designed to ensure you get the right exposure.

Technical Vulnerability Evaluation:

Every business has its blind spots and vulnerabilities. The same applies to the online presence of businesses, only these translate to very different kinds of vulnerabilities, and usually require the attention of professional SEO specialists. Duplicate content, bad URLs, and site download time improvement are some of the more common issues that may arise, and our experts give dedicated attention to weeding out even the uncommon issues, if there may arise any.

Content Development and Marketing:

There are many sources from where content can and will be linked to your website, so it is in the best interest of the site to ensure that all these sources complement each other in respect to ensuring your visibility and relevance. Press releases, articles, blog posts, and many other tools can be converted into resources for your business, and we will work with you to ensure this happens and you have the optimal content both off and on the website.

Social Media:

Social media today is very far from where it was when it burst onto the virtual scene, and has in fact become one of the best places to market oneself and one’s business. There are very few people in the world who don’t frequent social media sites at least once a day, and this can be a major resource to a business if they present themselves well and strategically, as more and more businesses around the world are rapidly realizing. We work with you to ensure that social media does all it possibly can for you, with dedicated SEO specialists assigned to the task.

Local Strategy Adaptation:

The demographic of a business greatly affects its target audience, rate of exposure, and overall marketing strategy. Strategies may vary or need to be devised to tackle the challenges of Place Optimization and ensure optimal exposure in local directories as well, which may require additional tweaking to the overall online strategy for your business.

eCommerce Platform Operations:

There are several platforms for ecommerce websites to choose from, and these require immense technical prowess to ensure your business uses the best resources based on your specific operations and uses them optimally to ensure your success in terms of both visibility and conversion.

On page optimization:

On page optimization consists of all the variable components of your site’s pages, such as meta-tags, internal link structure and the likes. The code and content of your website needs to complement each other so that your site is optimized with respect to search engine visibility. This means the search engines spiders can crawl though your site prudently enough to recognize its relevance and purpose, and display it appropriately.

Off page optimization:

Off page optimization includes all the components that exist outside the framework of your website. It is used primarily for link popularity. Targeted link popularity campaigns are our forte. Our agenda is to get your site an established network to your industry while simultaneously raising your search engine rankings. The result we’re aiming at is the reception of targeted traffic from authority sites as well as search engines.

Our diverse SEO solutions also include:

  • Image optimization
  • W3C validation for homepage
  • Exposure to secondary engines and targeted directories
  • Link popularity development
  • Optional PPC services for Google Adwords and Overture-Yahoo sitematch.

Why Choose Us:

Modus Operandi- when we work with a client, we don’t build merely a website for them, we build a relationship with them. This ensures that a steady channel of open and frank communication is established between us and the client, which in turn, keeps us efficient and our clients happy.

Expertise- the web is an incessantly evolving, expanding without direction or definition universe, where constant vigilance is the key for even an expert to be able to stay on top of the game. Our entire staff consists entirely of such experts and specialists dedicated to seeding out every intricacy in the game which may help you gain an edge.

Savviness- there is no substitute for it and it can only be acquired the hard way-staying in the game long enough to inherit it. This is exactly what has happened to us in the time since we’ve entered this business, and although we are always learning, it would be safe to say we have our sights set in the right direction and have not failed our clients yet, quite the contrary in fact! Read on to find out more.

Why our clients love us:

"The excellent work done by ESolutionPlanet has helped my web presence evolve from miniscule to lively. I had a rather simple and basic website in place when I found the, and they have brought it up to par with some of the best web businesses in the industry. Thank you ESolutionPlanet!"

- Martina Cole

"ESolutionPlanet brings an immensely professional touch to the barest of startup sites, and makes them look like a seasoned contender who’s been around for ages. I personally am not very tech-savvy, and so was very lucky to find a company like ESolutionPlanet, that provides such all-round service to my business’s site that my effort has been minimal. Cheers, ESolutionPlanet, keep up the good work!"

- Ann-Marie MacDonald

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